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You've never seen sounds like this before.


Cymatic Soundscapes / Bringing Matter to Life with Sound

These dynamic processes are vividly brought to life when one sees the experiments in motion. It is to this end, that Dr. Jenny produced a series of 16 mm films documenting his experiments. This title is also available in DVD while supplies last.

Cymatic Soundscapes

We have four exclusive video titles for rent and purchase on Vimeo. You will need to set up a free Vimeo account to then rent or purchase; you will not be disappointed! 

Of Sound Mind and Body

Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing

World-class composers, performers, health practitioners and leaders in mind-body medicine, convey a wealth of information ranging from music therapy to chanting and overtone singing. An evocative, stimulating and visually beautiful production which explores a wide range of therapeutic applications of sound! This title is also available in DVD while supplies last.

To Illustrate the Universe

To Illustrate the Universe: Cymatics and the Artistry of Gabriel Kelemen

Cymatics shows how physical form actually arises through a higher force, vibrating and animating it. Gabriel Kelemen portrays this through his inspired artistry. He approaches science as an art form, working with a sense of beauty and adoration of nature. His cymatic experiments and vivid illustrations show how nature responds to these invisible forces. His work is brilliant, beautiful, and breathtaking. 

Vibrating World

Vibrating World

This is archival footage of Dr. Hans Jenny demonstrating his electro-acoustic tonoscope in the early 1960s. Jenny performed extensive experiments for over 14 years, documenting them in 16mm film and hundreds of still photographs. His films demonstrate the dynamic interplay of our vibrating world, bringing all of this to life, right in front of our eyes. In this film, we get to witness the magic of inert matter as it is 'sung' into being.

Cymatic Soundscapes
Of Sound Mind and Body


Chaos - Water Sample 

(Jenny Set Up)

Filmed in August, 1999 at The Heureka Exhibition in Zurich and at the Technorama Science Museum in Winterthur, Switzerland, this 4-minute program reconstructs one of Hans Jenny’s experiments using his original equipment to oscillate a small sample of water contained upon a lens, with audible sound frequencies.


with Christiaan Stuten

A demonstration of Hans Jennys original acoustic tonoscope, showing how the human voice can create harmonic patterns in sand spread over a taut rubber membrane.

Of Sound Mind and Body


Hidden World Excerpt:

Cymatic Patterns in Nature 

John Beaulieu describes sensing pulsation through our ears, and how our listening effects everything from our mood to our posture, to our perception of ourselves as vibratory beings resonating with myriad energy fields. Followed by, The Universal Tone, a poem written and recited by Jeff Volk. 

The first minute of a 5-minute mini-documentary produced for PBS, Philadelphia's Hidden World,  a series by John N. Campbell, featuring Alexander Lauterwasser, photographer, natural scientist, and author of Water Sound Images

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