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This book is rare and out of print; 20 copies remain. It will not be reprinted.


Tierlandschaften is an exquisite collection of 275 full-color prints of animal “portraits” by Hans Jenny. His vital, expressive technique captures the soul of the animal while also reflecting powerful archetypes within the human psyche. Jenny’s original oil paintings are meticulously reproduced with characteristic Swiss attention to detail. This volume also includes twenty pages of text (in English, French, Italian and Swiss-German) which includes commentary by art historians, biographical sketches, and excerpts from Jenny’s diary, as well as his own insights into the significance of his work.


“The animal is man’s mysterious companion on the earth... it attracts the human being and yet shrouds itself in riddles... forcing its way powerfully into human experience. Out of such experience a dialogue comes into being between man and animal. These paintings are trying to speak out of such a revelation. They do not arise from outer analysis, but from an inner perception. It should be the animals themselves who express themselves here;  the animals should lead the paintbrush and speak through the colors.”


— Hans Jenny, from the text



"I love him— he’s a mystic, like me! ”

— Marc Chagal writing about Hans Jenny


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