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These dynamic processes are vividly brought to life when one sees the experiments in motion. It is to this end, that Dr. Jenny produced a series of 16 mm films documenting his experiments. They are now available for streaming, and two of these 28-minute films have been released as a composite DVD, Cymatic Soundscapes/Bringing Matter to Life with Sound. 


Part I of this two-part series highlights Dr. Jenny’s pioneering experiments using audible sound frequencies to excite inert powders, pastes, and liquids, into life-like flowing forms. The stunning array of images reflects a variety of forms found throughout nature, while viewing them in motion elicits an intuitive understanding of the  invisible forces which underlie natural processes, from the movements of amoebae to the formation of galaxies. 


Part II details a variety of patterns created by vibrating lycopodium powder. Audible frequencies give rise to circulatory processes which closely resemble sunspots and solar flares. Other frequencies generate flowing patterns analogous to the formation and rotation of spiral galaxies. Unusual three-dimensional forms arise that seem to defy gravity and laws of motion, but all adhere strictly to the dynamics of the generating tone. The closing sequence features liquid kaolin paste as it solidifies under the effect of vibration, creating intricate geomorphic patterns.

Cymatics Soundscapes / Bringing Matter to Life with Sound - DVD

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