A Closer Look at Sound – All is Vibration!
by Mandara Cromwell

A young mother is cooing to her baby. Could the sound of her voice be creating an invisible geometric shape of love around her infant?

You’ve just injured your ankle and it’s swelling fast! Is it possible that sound can relieve the edema in seconds?

Glancing in the mirror, you notice that gravity is taking its toll. Can a sonic facial rejuvenation reverse the ravages of time?

Find out for yourself, as Atlanta hosts the world’s first conference focusing specifically on Cymatics ~ the Science of Sound and Vibrational Healing.

Cymatics, a term coined by Swiss medical doctor, Hans Jenny in the 1950’s, comes from the Greek word, kyma, which means “wave.” For 14 years Dr. Jenny experimented with sound creating structure in matter. He used a device called the tonoscope, which enabled him to view the patterns formed as sand, which had been spread upon a taught rubber membrane, was animated by audible sound frequencies. Even though the sand was constantly moving in response to the sound impulses, at specific frequencies (pitches) coherent patterns would emerge forming intricate geometric patterns and even life-like shapes similar to flowers and simple sea creatures!

Today this study of wave formations is being carried on by British acoustic engineer and inventor, John Reid, who will demonstrate the CymaScope, his newly re-designed version of Jenny’s tonoscope, allowing us to witness the creative power of sound as it structures sand and water into complex patterns, right before our eyes! To see these shapes take form in response to music, your own voice, or even whale songs, is an experience that will stay with you forever. Yes—now we can actually see the sound of love!

The Physics of Seeing Sound
Elizabeth Bauer, a research nurse from Boston, will present the pioneering research of her colleague, the world-renowned Australian physicist and mathematician, Dr. Anthony Fleming. Their work, focusing on the close structural relationship of photons and phonons, has advanced the quest for a unified field theory in physics, and may very well serve as a foundation to scientifically explain the therapeutic uses of sound.

Bauer will show how precise frequencies control the process of DNA replication, and how sound frequencies can be used to promote healing of injured tissue. She’ll also present ultrasound and thermography images which confirm the results of these Cymatherapy® treatments.

Ligament and Bone Repair
Cymatherapy® is based on a vibrational device originally designed by Peter Guy Manners, a British osteopath, who performed extensive clinical research in the UK from the 1970’s until his retirement in 2005. Contemporary research and further clinical trials have been carried out in the US in a variety of settings with applications ranging from dental treatments to bone and muscle injuries. Some of the most dramatic results include the rapid recovery of professional athletes from a variety of injuries.

One well-known 34 year old NFL player, suffering from a ligament tear and bone chip in his ankle, used specific Cymatherapy® frequencies as his primary treatment. His rapid recovery amazed his doctors, with inflammation and even fibrotic scar tissue resolving within the first two weeks of treatment. Full range of motion, muscle strength and balance, effortlessly returned within four weeks of treatment. If you’ve ever even slightly sprained your ankle, you know how long it normally takes to be “up and running again.” Yet within one month he was able to run and even “cut” without any further difficulties from his injury. He is but one of a growing number of athletes who uses Cymatherapy® not simply remedially, but as a part of his general health maintenance regimen and to prepare his ‘psychological edge” for his demanding professional life.

Perhaps the most rewarding case was that of the thoroughbred racehorse, The Frac, who badly tore his flexor tendon when he stepped in a hole on the racetrack. With this type of injury, regardless of the amount of rest, massage, acupuncture, electric shock and other therapies, the horse is unable to race again, due to the build-up of scar tissue. His full recovery–with no scar tissue–in only six weeks amazed owner and veterinarians alike, and saved him from being put down.

How Cymatherapy® Works
All matter exists at specific densities, or looked at another way, at different rates of vibration. Therefore, each individual particle, or collection of particles, will have its own unique resonant frequency. This is why you can make a wine glass or a crystal bowl sing so brilliantly when you excite them within the narrow range of their natural resonant frequency. For several years medical scientists have been using this principle to break up kidney stones, and more recently, to excite the individual cancerous cells within a tumor to the extent that they rupture, thus destroying the tumor.

Over many years of research in the 1940’s and 50’s, Dr. Manners and his colleagues ascertained a large body of “commutations” for specific bodily organs and tissues. Because every person’s anatomy is different, the same organ or tissue in your body will have a slightly different resonant frequency than mine, but within a very narrow range. Manners solved this problem by using a tone consisting of an overlay of five frequencies producing a harmonic of the tissue. Five seemed to be the “magic number,” creating a frequency signature precise enough to stimulate the targeted bone, organ or muscle tissue, while at the same time enabling one generic setting to work effectively, despite individual variations. Why five frequencies? Various theories have been put forth including that it relates to the Chinese Theory of the 5 Elements, which are themselves based on the esoteric principles of the five platonic solids. A more biological interpretation might be that these frequencies are somehow related to the five main stages of the cell renewal process. Suffice to say that this particular patterning of five audible sound frequencies has been shown to effectively correspond with the given tissue throughout a broad population over several decades of clinical research and therapeutic application. At the conference, the healing tones of Cymatherapy® will be made visible via the CymaScope, so we’ll be able to both see and hear the energetic patterns of healing!

A few more conference highlight include: author, Margaret Ruby, (The DNA of Healing) who will present new information on the sound of DNA as it relates to sacred geometry and the codes of creation. These mathematical codes seem to be a blueprint for cell growth and regeneration. Could it be that the gentle massage of acoustic sound waves helps our cells remember their healthy frequency? She’ll show ultrasound scans of conditions treated with Cymatherapy® that no longer show any signs of prior injury! And a different application: Dr. Irwin Chaiken, an innovative dentist from Chicago, will share his latest research using Cymatherapy® for periodontal disease and TMJ.

Atlanta has its share of “vibrational” doctors, too! Aside from being a skilled restorative surgeon, Susan Kolb, MD is also evolving this field. And Rhett Bergeron, an MD in Roswell, recently completed a successful study using Cymatherapy® for patients with emphysema. In addition to offering conference attendees Cymatherapy® sessions, local practitioners will share their success stories alongside these medical innovators.

Such an event on the science of sound would not be complete without Jeff Volk, who has been at the center of Cymatic research for over twenty years. Producer of the award-winning program, Of Sound, Mind & Body: Music and Vibrational Healing, Volk renewed interest in Dr. Jenny’s seminal Cymatics research, re-publishing his out-of-print books and creating a series of videos of his early experiments. He will unveil yet another obscure treasure at the conference, a brand new book of stunning Cymatic photos by German researcher, Alexander Lauterwasser, entitled Water Sound Images.

The conference opens on Friday, October 20th, with New Age icon, Steven Halpern, in dialogue with Volk and Dr. Gary Buchanan, a specialist from Reno, NV. These are just a few of the presenters, in what promises to be an historic gathering. To those of you on the leading edge of the health sciences—see you there!

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Mandara Cromwell is President of Cymatherapy® International, and Chairman of the Board of the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA) the co-sponsors of this event. You can reach her at: 404-873-2175 or Mandara@bellsouth.net