From Star to Cell - A Sound Structure for the Twenty-First Century
A series of 4 books
By Fabien Maman
published by: The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement.

Format: 6x9, paperback (pages listed below)
The books are short in length, but packed with new and unique information.
Full color illustrations in every book.

Book 1 : The Role of Music in the Twenty-First Century: "For the first time, a fundamental research has shown under microscope that acoustic sounds can destroy cancer cells and revitalize healthy cells. Fabien Maman goes even farther, establishing a link between acupuncture points and musical notes, between seasons and musical modes... Music is a vector which puts the human being in communion with the universe, source of energy, of light, of life and as such (music) is a source of health." - Stephane Ottin Pecchio, MD, Music Therapist.

Included in this book are 123 color photos which shoe the influence of sound through the physical structure and the aura of cells. You will find guidelines for the role of music and musician in the 21st century which take full advantage of this healing power of acoustic music to bring human beings into harmony with nature and the cosmos. 118 pages. $27.50

Book 2 : Raising Human Frequencies - The Way of Chi and the Subtle Bodies. Raising Human Frequencies is a visionary, yet practical book, Fabien Maman offers a new paradigm for the evolutionary development of the human being which places the physical body into resonance with the greater reality. You will learn now chi, the vial energy of nature and the cosmos, provides the link between our physical and subtle anatomy. Chi movement is a therapy in itself, closing the circle of Tao, Yin and Yang, the balance of the universe. We revitalize our link to the cosmos through our acupuncture meridians and come once again into resonance with the earth and sky. This book includes exercises for raising your subtle bodies frequencies. 79 pages. $27.50

Book 3 : Sound and Acupuncture - The Body as a Harp: Fabien Maman has merged his musical background with the study and practice of acupuncture, Kototama (Science of Pure Sound), martial arts and research in bioenergetics to create a healing structure which links the human being through resonance to nature and the cosmos.
This living structure is based in the physical body on the laws of acupuncture and continues through the five elements of nature to the subtle bodies and even to the vibrational essence of cosmic energy. The acupuncture base in the physical body provides an excellent foundation for the integration of healing work with sound. With such a base in human anatomy, the new and exciting field of sound healing can finally be anchored in the physical body through the correct channels, or acupuncture meridians. Tuning forks used on acupoints act on the physical and etheric levels. These sounds help to repattern the whole body into resonance with higher levels of consciousness.

Building on the prior two books in the series, book 3 takes readers to a new level of understanding and working with sound. 131 pages. $27.50


Book 4 : Healing with Sound, Color and Movement - Nine Evolutionary Healing Techniques. In this book Fabien Maman offers nine unique healing techniques which pioneer the use of the innovative vibrational tools of sound, color and movement.

In everyday life there are many circumstances which can activate a resonance with higher aspects of ourselves. Love, music and nature offer the most sublime and uplifting possibilities of resonance. Seeking elevated experiences and allowing ourselves to be touched and moved by the beauty of life will certainly start the process of healing and evolution. Our task is to continue this process and to help others evolve through resonance with the finer vibratory gifts of life.

This book is dedicated to healers and the self-healers alike as an introduction to the beauty and therapeutic potential of the vibrational tools of sound, color and movement. 119 pages. $27.50


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