Cymatics Videos
a study of Wave Phenomena by Hans Jenny

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See inert matter "come to life" with sound!

The stunning array of figures and flowing patterns seen in these programs portray actual physical phenomena - not computer simulations - showing the effect of sound over matter! Watch as complex and intricate forms, often resembling living organisms, arise from inert powders, pastes and liquids, solely through the influence of sound.

Cymatics: The Healing Nature of Sound -
80 Minutes, VHS, $30

Highlights of Swiss scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny's pioneering experiments showing how audible sound can excite such diverse substances as lycopodium powder, iron filings, water, glycerin and turpentine into life-like, flowing forms. These patterns reflect a variety of forms found throughout nature, and viewing their dynamics elicits an intuitive understanding of the invisible forces which underlie natural processes, from the movements of amoebae to the formation of galaxies.

In the second part of this program Jonathan Goldman, top-selling New Age author (Healing Sounds) and musician (Chakra Chants CD), interviews British physician, Dr. Peter Guy Manners, who developed a therapeutic device based on the principles of Cymatics. In Part Three, Dr. Manners demonstrates the Cymatic Applicator, which resonates body tissue with audible sound.

Cymatic SoundScapes - 30 Minutes, VHS, $25

This film details Dr. Jenny's experiments using audible frequencies to create complex flowing patterns in lycopodium powder. Different frequencies generate circulatory patterns which closely resemble sun spots and solar flares, or the formation and rotation of spiral galaxies. Unusual three-dimensional formations arise which seem to defy gravity and laws of motion, but all adhere strictly to the dynamics of the generating tone.

This program also shows how a semi-liquid paste creates intricate and elaborate geomorphic patterns as it solidifies under the effect of vibration. The correlation with actual geological phenomena is striking, and provides a basis for understanding how oscillation is involved in the realm of the earth sciences.

Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing
Winner: Hartley Film Award - through the Institute of Noetic Sciences
- 72 Minutes, VHS and Now Available on DVD. $30

World-class composers, performers, health practitioners and leaders in mind-body medicine convey a wealth of information ranging from music therapy to chanting and overtone singing. An evocative, stimulating and visually beautiful production which explores a wide range of therapeutic applications of sound, from medieval plainsong to cosmic music!

A segment on Cymatics features commentary by Deepak Chopra, Jill Purce, Rupert Sheldrake and Kay Gardner, illustrated by many cymatic images which are not seen in any of Dr. Jenny's original films.

*Caution: Viewing this remarkable scientific artistry
can profoundly alter the way you view your world!


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