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From 1993 to 1998 we produced the International Sound Colloquium, the premier event gathering researchers, musicians and health practitioners to explore the therapeutic applications of sound and music.

Many world-renowned authors and recording artists have presented at the Sound Colloquium over the years, and audio tapes of most of their presentations are available. Many of these programs contain material which is still on the cutting edge, even after several years! Detailed descriptions of these audio tapes are available upon request.

Bringing Music to Life: A Gathering of Sound Healers
CD (60 minutes)

Perhaps the most concise overview of sound healing which we carry is a 60-minute audio tape produced by New Dimensions Radio. Recorded at the last Sound Colloquium in Colorado (1998), it features interviews with Don Campbell (author, The Mozart Effect), Layne Redmond (musician, performer, teacher), John Beaulieu (naturopathic doctor, Polarity Therapist), Molly Scott (psychotherapist using sound & voicework in her practice), Pat Moffitt Cook (ethnomusicologist), and Jeff Volk (producer of the event and publisher of Cymatics book and related videos). At just $12, this is one of our most popular items!

Vibrational Patterns of the Universe Made Visible
Jeff Volk interviewed by Laura Lee, October 2001
CD (60 minutes)

In a 2004 interview on the Laura Lee radio show, Jeff Volk elaborates some of the subtle and esoteric aspects of Dr. Jenny' fourteen years of experiments using audible sound to generate dynamic patterns in powders, pastes, liquids and gasses. This professionally recorded interview provides a concise and coherent overview of the science of Cymatics and its relevance to other physical sciences. Dr. Jenny was a medical doctor who was well versed in many branches of science, including the philosophy of science itself. He was a personal friend of Rudolf Steiner and shared his penetrating insights into the spiritual dimensions of physical form and function. This audio tape offers a unique perspective you're not likely to find anywhere else!


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