From Atom to Cosmos
Evolution of Consciousness as a New Model of the Universe

Special Edition DVD with new animations illustrating Benís theories of the cosmos. Contains 20 minutes of Bentov's last TV interview

Sure to fascinate spiritual explorers young and old, the late Itzhak Bentov's thought-provoking exploration of consciousness and the cosmos is presented here by his wife Mirtala. Using original images from "Ben's" lectures and his best-selling books Stalking the Wild Pendulum and A Cosmic Book, Mirtala presents Ben's enlightening model of the workings of the universe, from atom to cosmos.

Itzhak Bentov was an inventor and a biomedical engineer with a tremendous talent for explaining the most complex phenomena through simple sketches and cartoons. His sense of humor pervades this detailed presentation, creating a light and easy-to-understand sojourn through the cosmos, and describing our own evolutionary process culminating in soul's eventual reunion with Source.

110 Minutes DVD, $30.00


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