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We have just received copies of the Spring, 2007 issue (#71) of Caduceus Magazine from the UK, with the cover article by Jeff Volk. This lovely 5-page spread features lots of amazing images, and provides a concise overview of the historical evolution of Cymatics and its promise for the future, including a section on how Cymatherapy® works. The article touches on the dynamic interrelationship of sound and water, highlighting the contemporary cymatic wizardry of Alexander Lauterwasser, with beautiful sound-figures from his new book, Water Sound Images. It also explores the profoundly personal implications of how certain universal principles, vividly portrayed through cymatic phenomena, can provide insights into the way we view ourselves, and how our consciousness actually brings form to our world.

This issue also contains a couple of other articles on sound and vibrational healing, as well as a touching series of articles remembering Findhorn’s founding “Angel,” Eileen Caddy, who recently passed on. I was very impressed with the quality of several articles in this issue, the breadth of topics covered, and the depth of the subject matter. See the pdf of the table of contents
for an overview, as well as the spectacular cover, which features a sequence of Lauterwasser’s water sound images.

The magazine is not distributed in the US, but you may order it at for $10, including domestic (US) postage. We will ship orders when we return from the World Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco, May 11 - 14). We travel a lot, so please email your request to, and he’ll get back to you promptly, informing you when to expect your order.

To encourage you to order this issue, I am offering a SPECIAL DEAL. If you place your order for this issue of Caduceus and the book, Water Sound Images, at the same time we will send them to any address in the US via Media Mail for $50, including postage. (Expedited delivery will be extra). Once you’ve seen Caduceus, I think you’ll want to subscribe to it, and once you’ve seen Lauterwasser’s images, I think you’ll want to attend the Cymatics conference in Atlanta on September 14 - 16, 2007, to see how these water sound images are created!

Caduceus is a gem! It has a very pleasing aesthetic (all the ads are in the back!) and a subtle sense of design that makes reading it a pleasure. What's more, it is a sturdy edition, filled with thoughtful writing and laid-out with an artistic flair and the print quality is high. Everything about this magazine says "quality!" I am honored to have had my work included in such a publication. I must say, this is the first time I've ever felt moved to write a review of a magazine! May you have a long and prosperous tenure enlightening "People, Community and Planet!"

        Jeff Volk

 Poet, Producer, Publisher

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