Cymatics: Insights into the Invisible Realms
Universal Principles Made Manifest Through Sound

Presented by John Reid and Jeff Volk,
with pianist/vocalist, Rebecca Wing

April 17, 2005
Sunday Workshop 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. $90

Inman Park/L5P, Degress Hall (Stone Church) 191 Degress Avenue, Atlanta GA 30307 (Parking around corner in Inman Park MARTA station) Pre-Registration Strongly Suggested. Call Mandara at 404-873-2175. For last minute directions: 404-681-2819

This lovely venue (a 1907 Primitive Baptist stone church) is the perfect space for a workshop focusing on acoustics! It is located in a safe, quiet section of Inman Park, very close to the MARTA station, but if you’re driving, you’ll need to pay careful attention to the signs! Detailed directions are listed below.

A collaboration of science and spirit, through the media of light and sound.

This program will integrate the sciences of Cymatics, acoustics and physics, with the principles of complexity science and chaos theory--- in a way that brings it all back to our own daily experience. A real mind-blower!

The morning will consist of a multimedia presentation by poet, video producer and publisher Jeff Volk, detailing the original Cymatics experiments of Hans Jenny as portrayed through his photographs and films.

Everything exists in a state of vibration, but these subtle oscillations are almost always invisible and thus, often disregarded. Imagine if our senses were acute enough to perceive these underlying patterns…. The remarkable Cymatics experiments of Dr. Hans Jenny allow us to do just that, showing how audible sound creates form and structure in matter!

We'll view video excerpts of these fascinating experiments, comparing these vibrational images with forms found in sacred geometry, mandalas and even crop circles, to show the universality of these processes and how they appear in nature and throughout the world's great artistic and architectural traditions. These ever-fluid "soundforms" also demonstrate certain universal principles which underlie our lives, such as the dynamics of chaos and re-integration, much as specific vibratory frequencies underlie and determine these forms.

Jeff will further elaborate these principles through his PowerPoint presentation based on a model derived from Dr. Jenny’s writings on the “basic triadic phenomenon” (the Trinity, as articulated in all world traditions). This work presents a new and very profound interpretation of the mystical implications of Cymatics in an extremely practical way.

We will further explore how these processes transpire within our interior worlds through Sound Journeys featuring original poetry and spontaneous musical improvisation by vocalist and pianist Rebecca Wing, designed to harmonize our subconscious realms with the innate wisdom of our Soul. The diverse nature of these experiences will offer unique insights into the vibrational matrix which sustains us, and all of life, in this wonderful dance of creation.

Familiarity with Cymatics and sacred geometry is helpful, but not essential. Jeff will bring an eclectic assortment of books and videos on these topics.

After lunch British inventor and acoustic engineer, John Reid, will take over to guide us through a multi-faceted exploration of sound and shape.

• John will debut his CymaScope Dodecadon for the first time ever!

We'll watch, in real time, as vibrating sand creates beautiful, life-like, harmonic patterns in response to Rebecca's singing! We'll also have an all-acoustic scope through which we can view our own voices!

• Prime resonance of chambers and the crucial nature of reverberation in the perception of sacred sound We will take advantage of the lovely venue (a 1907 Primitive Baptist stone church in Inman Park) to experience sound directly through the resonating tissues of our bodies. This will also include a guided experience walking through a matrix of sound, stepping into an antinode (this vibrates every cell in our body) followed by stepping into a node (walking into virtual silence).
We’ll also explore the prime resonance of our own lungs/throat/mouth/sinuses finding “our own note” which is unique to each person. Rebecca will lead us in a a vocal glissando to demonstrate this.

• The Holographic nature of sound. A PowerPoint presentation showing how things would appear if we could see the ocean of sounds that surrounds us. The concept of 'Holographic Bubbles' is also presented.

• Sound is an aspect of life, but life may be an aspect of sound. A brief look at the sacred ratios imbedded in man and in other life forms and a comparison with ratios found in sine waves and human speech. John will demonstrate how two low frequency sounds when mixed together, can create what looks like a living cell moving about the vibrating membrane of his CymaScope.

• Harmful sounds and healing sounds
A demonstration, using actual CymaScopic imagery, showing both healing and harmful effects of different types of music. This real-time demo compares patterns formed on the CymaScope by classical and heavy rock music. The first creates beautiful forms, the other creates chaos, showing the physical effects of harmony and dissonance, and how the human organism tends to entrain to such sounds.

Some other topics he may cover:
• The healing power of sound in Nature and future sound healing technologies
The healing qualities of ultrasound in Nature. The therapeutic combination of electrostatic charge and ultrasound. Targeting cancers with sound (currently being developed as a main-stream modality) A preview of the brand new Cymatherapy instrument.

• Vocal harmonics
Vocal harmonics are the nearest that a human being can come to creating the pure energy of the Cosmos, high frequency perfection. Rebecca will lead us in creating vocal harmonics and John will discuss their role in one's identity.

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